Construction of long-distance and local routes are based either on the optical or metallic connection. Since its inception our company has established itself as a company that provides comprehensive services in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure - consulting, design, engineering, providing all construction and installation activities to final tests and control measurements of the network.

We prepare and carry out the construction according to the needs and requirements as a complex turnkey delivery, partial delivery or sub-delivery. The ability to provide a comprehensive solution throughout Slovakia is appreciated by investors in the construction of large networks.


Thanks to a highly qualified and professionally prepared team of workers we implement a variety of telecommunications constructions. After our construction, the roads and sidewalks remain in even better condition than before the construction itself.

Construction of telecommunications infrastructure

The leading advantage of our company is that we have our own machinery and equipment. In combination with the expertise and many years of experience of our employees, it guarantees fast delivery in high quality. Depending on the needs and assignments of the investor, we ensure the implementation of line constructions partly or fully:

  • elaboration of project documentation
  • ensuring all necessary legislative acts and permits
  • complete engineering of line construction
  • earthworks
  • laying of cable ducts and protectors including calibration
  • installation of cables by pulling and blowing
  • microtubing
  • completion of optical and metallic routes, including protocol measurements
  • processing of documentation of the actual version

We provide construction including the supply of related materials. The assembly groups of our company are divided according to professional specialization and they are equipped with the most modern devices, machinery and the necessary certificates.

Do you need to relocate the telecommunication route?

The construction of buildings and roads has often created the need to relocate cable routes. Our company is fully qualified for the implementation of transshipment of LV lines and telecommunications infrastructure.

According to the agreement with the investor or a higher construction supplier we provide the following operations throughout the territory of Slovakia associated with the reloading of cable routes:

  • processing of implementation project documentation
  • networking
  • outage if necessary
  • earthworks
  • reloading of routes and lines
  • completion of routes and lines if interrupted including relevant measurements
  • processing of documentation of the current version
built optical routes
built metallic routes
25+ years
construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure