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We are a partner of all major telecommunications companies operating on the Slovak market, major domestic and foreign investors and senior suppliers.

SITEL. A term that perhaps everyone knows in the telecommunications industry. Our history began in 1993 when a private company for the construction of integrated telecommunications was established in Košice - SITEL s.r.o.

Today, our company is a strong, leading and proven partner which offers a wide range of tailor-made telecommunications solutions and which, even in this "business" era honors agreements.

We have no customers. However, we have hundreds of satisfied partners. Information and communication decide about success today and their importance is constantly growing over time. The world is constantly interconnected, globalization is a reality and cooperation is a necessity.

Individual and especially personal approach to the partner is ensured by cooperation in the form of "win-win". In other words, among the priorities of SITEL s.r.o. includes immediate response to the partner's operational needs, variability and operability in implementation.

We have fair business in which both parties are satisfied. We build and maintain lasting relationships with our partners as evidenced by very little partner turnover. All activities we do are strongly based on our values.

SITEL s.r.o. is simply a specialist in telecommunications solutions - from construction, through rental to 24/7/365 support and service. Moreover, we are especially proud of building the first neutral (i.e., operator - independent) commercial colocation and data center in Slovakia.

This oldest neutral data center is called "SITELPOP" and it is currently the largest and the strongest node in terms of optical infrastructure and the number of operators present. It is a major Central European telecommunications hub and our competitors are also our largest customers.

We adhere to the agreed issues. We honor agreements because we know that this has made us a leading supplier for many years, a proven and reliable partner in the entire spectrum of telecommunications construction, service and rental.
We are the specialists in telecommunication solutions. We provide a whole chain of tailor-made services - construction of optical and metallic routes, construction of data networks, rental of collocation and data spaces, satellite and wireless communication, business activities with products and top service.
We help to choose the right telecommunication solution - we meet the demanding and less demanding requirements of our partners. We also use these requirements as impulses for the development and progress of the company - thanks to that we maintain an individual and especially personal approach.

Values we follow

Our constant growth and stability in the telecommunications business consists of the six values. When the company was established, we subconsciously created the concept of values ​​and messages that define us.

The high quality and professionalism of the work is confirmed by the fact that the company is a partner of all major telecommunications companies operating on the Slovak market, major domestic and foreign investors and higher suppliers.

Thanks to the constant attention that the company pays to the increasing expertise of its employees, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and partner business relationships it supplies a wide range of modern telecommunications technologies in the form of comprehensive partner care.

In the telecommunications sector, it is necessary to adapt to new conditions and technologies. Being able to respond promptly and adequately is a feature that is deeply rooted in the foundations of society.

We adhere to the agreed issues. We are a company that a partner can rely on in all circumstances. We meet demanding and less demanding requirements of partners - we provide tailor-made services.

Honesty goes hand in hand with confidence. We behave honestly because we know that it makes our company more trustworthy. We do our job properly and thoroughly - we deliver only the best from our portfolio.

Despite our high professionalism and expertise, we show humanity. In other words, we always try to accommodate and reach an agreement with anyone who needs our services. Our values ​​are set equally for both partners and employees.

Certification and security

The company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001We have a comprehensive certified system of quality management, environmental management and work safety. We hold a of Industrial Safety of the NBU SR.

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